Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 1385: Less than a minute every day ...

Bohannon's, photos, collage & digital.

For you that take a minute to visit this little blog,
I thank you!
Even though there are 1,440 minutes in a day, 

you have most of them already assigned and filled.
So to give up one for this, 
I send a thank you award, from me to you!

When I started this blog 1385 days ago, 
it was with the intention of posting daily.
And I have. Not all gems, but I do show up.
Early on I asked WonderWoman if she read the blog that day?
Her eyes rolled (as kids do with a Mom question)
and responded, "Mom, I am so busy!"
I thought about that and had to agree, she is.
I don't call her WonderWoman for nothing!
So right then I determined that ...
my blogs would all be a minute or less.
Usually 25 or 30 seconds ...
divided into a post of artwork, a blurb & a smile.
So you who visit are a brave lot ...
you know the art & smile are a constant, 
but the middle might be a field trip, family, karate, 
a featured artist or person or ...
whatever is going on in my part of town that day.
Today it is to genuinely thank you for ...
spending one of your finite 1,440 minutes with me.
You melt my heart.

Thank YOU!


A smile for Wednesday ...

a goat thank you!

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