Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 1383: Best Mothers Day! Ever!!

face, graphite, acrylic & collage on canvas

  A big family dinner was planned for Mothers Day evening.
Until then, nothing. 
I considered various scenarios, but made no plans.
WonderWoman called at 9AM and we exchanged wishes.
Still in a robe, looking at e-mails, my doorbell rang at 9:30AM.
I live alone, my doorbell never rings!
Now I've been kicking myself ever since then that ...
I didn't get a picture of the 3 giant Grandhunks
standing with flowers & cards when I opened the door.

"Happy Mothers Day" they said in their deep voices.
The best Mother's Day ever!

I changed and came back to 3 Grandhunks relaxed at Grandma's.

The two leather couches are the same ones ...
that they jumped on as very young Grandhunks and ...
that I inherited when their family bought new.
They still have the lumps and bumps! Souvenirs.
At 10:30 I got a call from WW to be ready at 11:30 ...
we were going to Fashion Island, to lunch and shop.


We did all of that & looked at the two Great Dane pups ...
sold and sleeping before their pick up from the pet store.  
8 weeks old and growing as we watched.

When you have 16 booked for dinner, 
along with many other families celebrating Mothers Day, 
you may have a wait.

Superman, Superuncle & Grandhunks

We did.

WonderWoman and Grandhunks

But the company and food were well worth it.

WonderWoman & Superman & Grandhunks

Best Mothers Day! Ever!!


A smile for Monday ...

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