Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 1375: Not what I had planned, but better!

Checkouts, junk mail collage postcard

As mentioned here, I had planned to show you  ...
a step by step of my big canvas.
And I still will, but not today.
I've got something better. 
You know I have been mentioning ARTS ALIVE in Mission Viejo. 

I arrived today at 10 AM to set up inside for my 2 day demo ...

10 AM

and I walked by the "street painters" and was amazed!

10 AM

This "street painting" actually chalk on parking lot asphalt!

10 AM

Most used a grid to start their drawings.

Saturday, 10 AM

This years featured artist, Maaria Kader

Saturday 5 PM
I was so amazed and as I left at 5PM, I took more shots.

5 PM

Their final work will be judged Sunday at 3 PM 

5 PM

with awards at 4:30PM 

5 PM

I am one of three judges, and it looks to be a hard job.

They have an area set up with 2 foot squares for kids ...
and their work was both wonderful and joyful.

Bands, foods, vendors, food-trucks, crafts, products, plants, 
walking dinosaurs, hands-on projects, drones,
graffiti canvases for you to add to, demonstrations. 
One of the vendors who caught my eye was ...
a visual artist with Ex Creatis Arts Initiative,
and his large scale fiber installations. 

And, if you walk out from where I demonstrate,  
to the patio called the Cabana, an outdoor gallery ...

you can see my large junk mail art  in a lovely setting,
still on exhibit for over a year. I feel so lucky.

I took some close-up pictures, since the art has weathered 
with some fine line cracks here and there, 
but then so had I.

. . . 

Two other great things happened today ...
I got to pet a 1 year old harlequin Great Dane and 
WonderWoman called as I was ready to drive home...
inviting me to Shabu Shabu for dinner. Did I go?

Is the Pope Catholic?
We had a great meal, really great!
I showed her the street painters and she too was amazed.
She and Grandhunk #3 may come tomorrow.

24932 Veterans Way
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Thanks so much for stopping by.  

I so appreciated your visit, e-mail & comments.

A smile for Sunday ...

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