Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 1405: Is there a Thomas Fan Club?

Tibet, collage & digital

Is there a Thomas LaBadia Fan Club?

If there is, I want in!
If there isn't, there should be!
Look what I got in the mail!!!

Can you imagine me receiving this?
Talk about making a day! Week! Month!

Even the inside of the beautiful handmade envelope ...
is delicious! 
And there is much more ...

by Thomas LaBadia, May 2016

and more ...

and more ...

and more!

and even more!


and ...

still more!

plus goodies!


I am so honored and flattered.
Thank you Thomas & your Muse Group!
How lucky am I ?

A smile for Tuesday ...

Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 1404: Graduation Day at the Bren Center!

Congrats, digital collage of fold-out card for GH#1

If you know me or this blog at all,

then you know I am crazy about my 3 Grandhunks.

Jordan, GH#1, at my front door Sunday

Sunday, Grandhunk #1 and his Mom, WonderWoman

picked me up early to go to UCI's Bren Center ...

41st Commencement Service.

We were arrived early to save 18 seats!

A huge venue, we wondered if it would be filled?

It was, to capacity!
330 OLU graduates, their family & friends.
Can you spot Jordan returning to his seat with his diploma?

Okay, then can you spot Jordan's tossed cap?

Of the 330 graduating OLU seniors 85% were accepted into a  4 year university, 
and 98% will be attending a 2 or 4 year college in Fall of 2016.
Those students will attend 125 different colleges in 31 states and
4 countries including England, France and the Netherlands.

After, we joined families juggling for space for photos.

happy &  proud family

the brothers, Grandhunks 3, 1 & 2

happy & proud family & friends

happy & proud Grandma

A wonderful day!

A smile for Memorial Day ...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Day 1403: Full house last hurrah!

Ingrid, postage stamp & junk mail collage

As mentioned earlier (here)
we finally faced the inevitable and gathered together 
to celebrate the home we will soon lose.

A humble structure by the world's view, but our home.

Starting at 6:30 instead of the planned 7PM, 
a big group gathered before the last class 
for stories & shared memories.
Then a crowded class, well organized.

Michelle Kim and I had dueling cameras. 
Lots of cameras and 
even video, 
so check FB, and ...

I tried to get everyone, 
but I am sure I missed some
and I do apologize.
I push my camera
in their face for  a
close-up, ready or not.
This always makes me
very popular!

Father - Daughter Black Belts from Canada!

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Super Karate Mom and Son from Santa Ana, CA

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Future Karate-ka & Grandpa

Moreno Valley

Costa Mesa


Stavros Costarangos, (left) flew in from Panama

After midnight, some are still not ready to leave, "the stragglers"!

Thank you Demura Sensei ...
without you it's just a building.
We will follow you wherever you take us.

A smile for Sunday ...