Sunday, April 24, 2016

Day 1368: Abundance, blessings and joy!

Joy, junk mail collage

I woke this morning to normal chores, laundry etc.

But when I went into my studio my heart lifted.
Evidence of  yesterday's bountiful day.
A decorated manila envelope from artist, Valerie.

   Inside were great papers, a magazine, stickers and ...

an envelope with aged pre-stamped envelopes & real stamps!
And another with all orange cancelled stamps!

A folded kanji paper, stickers, & collage ephemera.
And, a postcard from Valerie, a mail art veteran.

Then on to my re-used Olive Garden shopping bag,
filled with yesterday's  LBD finds ...
thrilling me all over again.

        Really great papers, boxes, manila folders, CD envelopes ...

stamps, game cards, labels, money, letters
artist-made bags, zines, magazines ...

envelopes, photos, negatives & artists cards.
Most for pennies or change.

A $2. lidded lacquer box which will be my new stamp box.
I am a happy camper. 


Can you tell?

For 30 Faces in 30 Days Challenge ...

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A smile for Sunday ...

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