Friday, April 22, 2016

Day 1366: Maintenance work and a mystery?

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I have lived long enough to have had several doctors.
Two were chief of staff and retired on me.
Newest Doctor is a very young, very smart and ...
a painfully thorough type.
His wife, also young, smart & thorough is my gynecologist.
They have me outnumbered. 
They have been calling me to schedule maintenance!
Today was the bone density test.

Meet the GE Lunar Detector, Serial #10460 ...
The Lunar Prodigy by GE was the first bone "densitometer"
that was designed to look beyond the bone mineral density. 
This machines has the ability to detect subtle bone changes.
The overhead (blue) arm moves along, scanning the body.
Lying there as it worked, I got the model & serial #.
It took about ten minutes, and ...
just long enough for me to imagine a story.
"The room was quiet as Dan, the technician watched
 the scan come up on his computer screen. 
I became aware of my breathing as ...
I watched the scanning red blinking light.
I thought I heard a murmur in my breathing, 
a barely audible sound and the red light reacted. 
Could my body be talking to this machine?
I watched and listened to them communicate.
Soft, different, barely audible sounds ...
coming from within my lungs, and
a different, pattern of blinking from the red beam.
They thought no one noticed, but I did."

. . .

(Want more stories? I have more.)

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