Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Day 1364: Deep, magical and hard to explain.

Process, collage, photo & digital

I mentioned earlier (here) that
I was embarking on this 3 day adventure.

Taught by the amazing Orly Avineri

This was my fourth and longest class with Orly, 
who teaches and inspires people all over the world.
Orly is based in Redonda Beach, 
but travels much of the year ...
so 12 of us gathered to be guided, taught and 
opened up to new processes and techniques.

We came with a passport. Some had a personal passport.
Some researched, bought one which also became personal.

Mine was a joint passport for my Mother and I from 1952.

Two photos by Terry Garrett

Ordinarily I would document the process, but instead ...

I will show the resulting eye candy of the process.

Inside this unique bundle ...

specially treated papers, photos & enclosures ...

to be added to the passport ...


a magical process ...

deep and hard to explain.

Our group of 12 included artists from Florida, 
Minnesota, Iowa and all over California.
All of us anxious to learn from Orly.
A really wonderful experience.

82 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

For the 30 faces in 30 days ...

Day 20  Faceless

A smile for Wednesday ...

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