Sunday, April 17, 2016

Day 1361: 3 days pf exploration ...

Explore, collage, photography & digital

Some of you know, I am pretty much a home-body.
I say I traveled so much in my earlier life, that I am caught up.
But, as you read this, I am on day 2 of a 3 day workshop ...

"The practice of Visual Journaling cultivates insight 
into the nature of the creative process 
and its multiple meanings. 
Enriched by self trust and acceptance, paper, paint, words, 
pen, and line entwine to make expressive complex intimate books. 
It's all about one's willingness to be vulnerable 
and raw for the sake of true freedom. 
Experiencing deep, honest, personal journeys and 
true connection to a world outside of us 
takes precedence over producing beautiful ‘pictures’. 
Ultimately, Visual Journaling is about depicting the fluidity of life, about effortlessly carrying one's self from one place 
to another and immersing one’s self right in the middle of humanity, vibrantly, passionately, and compassionately."

Orly Avineri

Orly Avineri

Under Orly's guidance, with good friends Terry (Minnesota),
  Thomas (Florida), Brian (CA), and Irene Rafael (CA),
& seven other artists in this sold out workshop,
we will be working on and in passports!

I hope to share some of the work in future blogs.

For now, please wish me well with traffic on the 405! 


For the 30 Faces in 30 Days Challenge ...

Day 17   Self portrait


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A smile for Sunday ...

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