Sunday, April 3, 2016

Day 1347: The power of classical music.

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I had a dog named Shogun.

Shogun and the young WonderWoman, 1978

My best friend.
He's been gone a very long time ...
but I miss him still.
I mention it because Shogun loved classical music.

And I mention that because this past Easter weekend,
while on Grandma duty, 
I brought Laker home with me for a while.


He is now an only dog, so I thought he might like company.
Going from his big house to my tiny house ...
he was antsy and couldn't settle down.
I finally remembered Shogun and put on classical music.

Laker, relaxed

He laid down and went to sleep.
It worked in the car as well.
I texted WonderWoman ...
"your dog likes classical music!"

A smile for Sunday ...

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