Monday, March 28, 2016

Day 1341: 3 hours flies by when you are with cool people.

"kanji hana", collage, photo & digital

It's true! Time flies when you're having fun!
We had a sold out class Saturday ...

our Catalyst classroom was full.

Filled with 20 fun and adventurous artists!
I often say that Rebecca, my boss (isn't she a doll?)

checks people in the parking lot and ...
only lets the nice ones in.

. . .

I try to keep class lecture part short with a quick demo ...

learning the wonders of graphite.

Then we started sketching right away.

Warming up and ...

experimenting with graphite.


Each with their own individual direction.

Artists had their choice of canvas or a wooden board ...

 working initially with graphite,


then when they were ready ...


 adding acrylics and collage, as they chose.

What I love most is ...


the variety ...


each one ... amazing,


and different.

doesn't it look like fun?


I do apologize.
I don't have names for all of these amazing artists, and ...
that this is just some of the great class work.
I find it difficult to capture all the class work, names 
& retain by the time I do this little blog. 
My intentions are good & I do try. 
But, isn't amazing what can be done ...
 in three hours & have fun too?
Maybe come join us sometime.

A smile for Monday ...

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