Friday, March 25, 2016

Day 1338: Where the heck did March go?

"keep moving",  photo, junk mail collage, ink & digital

It's nearing the end of the month, already!
So I need to get the traveling journal off to the next artist.
Four artists have already completed artwork here,
7 artist will add their spreads in the coming 7 months.

 I selected my two blanks pages above and started ...

Applying acrylics for the background with a rough idea in mind.


Next adding random papers and junk mail,
letting the acrylic show through and blend.

I finished it with a few subtle lines of  StazOn ink pad ...
applied with the edge of a credit card, to avoid a drawn look.
It may need more, but I am hopefully stopping in time.
(* Remind me to tell you the Dr. Nichols story)
What do you think? Does it need more, less?
My significant other, my "MAC Pro" never says?
So, I'd love your feedback, it's quiet here!

A smile for Friday ...

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