Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 1336: Fifty years ago, okay ... nine!

postcard for Melinda, acrylic & collage

This is probably TMI, but I'm going with it anyway.
You may know, I promise a postcard to students 
who take one of my classes.

Handmade, not printed, and I work on both sides.
So, fifty years ago ... well, actually in 2007
 I had postcards for a show and  ...

  had some left over.

And since I save stuff, I am up-cycling postcards.

Usually letting some of the black remain on the front ...

and adding collage over the old text on the back.

A friend recently gifted me with Chinese joss papers ...

so they are showing up in the work today, 

along with my love of junk mail.

So if I owe you a postcard ...

I am working on it!

Thanks for your patience.
I think I'll be caught up this week?

A smile for Wednesday ...

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