Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 1331: Thank you Professor Maurer!

"Edna", postage stamp & collage

Another visit to Professor Dru Maurer's art class at

California State University Fullerton.

They let me come visit with my weird projects.

Using pastels, markers, a variety of papers & gluestick.

A 3 hour class starting with 4 quick drawing assignments. 


Non-dominant hand, not looking at the page, free style and eventually drawing from old school photos.

These artists were fantastic!

Then there were asked to choose one out of the four drawings

that they wanted to expand on ...

with collage & mixed media ...

Then another quick demo to make "stamp people" ...

using a postage stamp, I asked for 
exaggeration, imagination & fun ...

and they delivered!

        Big time!

What a pleasure to watch these campus creatives create!

Thank you Professor Maurer.

A smile for Friday ...

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