Monday, March 14, 2016

Day 1327: Cleaner than it was.

"Maggie",  collage on canvas

Hit a few snags lately (here) but will spare you the details.
Since I wanted to get my car back in the garage, 
it was necessary to put my garage back in order.
The men kindly moved stuff to install my new water heater.
They put the heavy file cabinets back in place, but
understandably left the other "stuff" to me.
There was more room because of the trashed wet stuff.
But I had to sweep and dust too, since ...
garage cleaning is not high on my priority list.
I have to admit it felt good to re-organize. 
I have more planned, but it will have to happen
in between my other scheduled tasks. The car is in.
I really could use a few more hours each day,
and by the way somebody took one of my hours today!

And, one last reminder, in case you ...
are in the LA area and want to come visit?
I enjoy doing demos for art groups, Fairs, Universities etc.
Tonight, Monday, March 14th I will do a mixed media demo
for the South Bay Watercolor Society at 7 PM.

 3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503.
Located within the beautiful Torrance Cultural Arts Center 
a large multi-building complex, we will be in the
Garden Room, next to the courtyard area, adjacent to
 the James Armstrong Theater & Nakano Theater.
Detailed driving instructions available here.

I mention this, because it is an open, free event 
and their group has asked me to post information. 

 They would welcome you. Me too.

A smile for Monday ...


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