Sunday, March 13, 2016

Day 1326: It can always be worse ...

"she", collages, photo & digital.

Some blips on the radar lately.
Nothing too major, though it seemed huge at the time.
Have also been having some "too full" days. 
Wednesday, went to day class, a meeting, 3 errands & ...

then the OLU CIF varsity BB game.

A close game, thrills to the very last second ...

tied with 8 seconds to go, we won by one! 

 Time to celebrate!
Thursday, a  9 - 4 day with the fun ladies of Eastside group.

Norma & Granddaughter, Sophia, our youngest Eastside artist!

Then a painfully slow drive home in heavy traffic.
One hour for 16 miles! California rush hour "street" traffic! 
So tired, I brought home Yoshinoya beef bowl for supper.


But, once home, I stepped out of my car in the garage ...
and saw it!  Standing water !!!
The strips of carpet on the floor "slushed" under my steps.
"Oh this is not good!"
Understatement of the year. 
So tired that I wanted to cry, but ...
I changed clothes and started the necessary clean- up, 
not knowing the source of my problem?
You naturally think water heater, but the platform was dry?
Then I am soaking wet from the heavy dripping carpets
as I carried them to the trash bin.
7 trips with yukky, heavy, wet carpet.
Then "800" trips with soaked art work, 

boxes and junk, all soaked and dripping,
also now trash candidates.

I had called the plumber, who could come, but he warned, 
it was after 5pm, so there would be overtime charges. 
No choice.  
It was the water heater.
Actually good news compared to a slab leak, or a neighbor or appliance leak, but meant cutting off hot water for the night.
The new heater would have to be installed Friday afternoon.
I finally got to the beef bowl at about 8:30.
. . . 

I started a new series of classes for the City of Mission Viejo,

starting that Friday morning and the following Fridays.
The plumbers returned at 3PM and moved heavy file cabinets
that I couldn't have, in order to replace the heater.
I asked how long heaters last? 10 years was the average.
They determined mine had been put in 1998.

(An e-mail from the plumber)
The price knocked the wind out of me, but again, no choice.
They finished at 4:15PM and I left at 4:30 PM for ...

Grandma duty. 
2 Grandhunks & 3 Grandogs.
A one night stand this time ...
while WonderWoman & Superman went to watch ...

Granhdhunk #1 play for OLU Varsity VB ...  at the 

photo by WonderWoman

2 day Poway VB Invitational Tournament (San Diego area). 

selfie by Superman

I am home now, catching my breath and maybe a nap?

I enjoy doing demos for art groups, Fairs, Universities etc. 
This Monday, March 14th I will do a mixed media demo 
for the South Bay Watercolor Society at 7 PM.


 3330 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA 90503.
Located within the beautiful Torrance Cultural Arts Center 
a large multi-building complex, we will be in the
Garden Room, next to the courtyard area, adjacent to
 the James Armstrong Theater & Nakano Theater.
Detailed driving instructions available here.
I mention this, because it is an open, free event 
and their group has asked me to post information
in case you are in the area and if so inclined, 
you might join us?  They will welcome you.

A smile for Sunday ...


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