Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 1323: Snap, crackle, pop!

"can't", collages & digital

As I have mentioned before, 
I never know what each daily blog will be.
Usually I just look for something that happened that day?
Today, Mei was leading us in warm-ups before day class.
She is really excellent, and is usually assigned this task.
I always listen to her exact instructions, 
"inhale, half way up, exhale" and so on.
Today, I may have listened better than usual.
When Mei had us grasp one wrist and 
inhale as we pull up toward the ceiling, I did that. 
Then she said exhale as you pull to your left.
And, I heard my own neck muscles!
I thought to myself ...

I looked around to see if others could hear mine? 
Can they hear theirs?
Then I caught myself smile, I had a blog topic!

79 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

age 1-1/2

A smile for Thursday ...

"husband & wifi"

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