Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 1308: He called me "Sir!"

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Tuesday I had lunch with upcoming world traveler, Sherry!
Details of Sherry's adventure were mentioned here.

Sherry listed her upcoming schedule:

"February 27: I'm outta here!
March: St. Louis, Indianapolis and Chicago
April: Chicago, Florida and re-positioning cruise to Rome 
with stops in Portugal, Spain & Gibraltar
April and May: Teynham, England
and Playa Blanca, Spain

June, July and August: Finland, Sweden, Norway, 
Denmark and England
August - mid September: Bali, Indonesia
Mid September - End of November: Tasmania, Australia
After that?????"

So, we went for a "last lunch" at Kobe Buffet, 
which had every kind of food ...sushi, sashimi, 
a sort of food orgy, but really good.

On the way to look at carry-on luggage, we passed a Chic-fil-A. 
I asked if she had ever had a frozen lemonade from there?
(Have you? OMG sooo good!)

Since the answer was no, 
I said she had to have one before leaving.
We drove through, and the young man called me "Sir!"
Now I have been "Mam" for quite a while, 
but this was my first Sir!

Sherry is three days away from leaving,
and down to the final packing.
A quick stop for a carry-on and ...
Sherry was home ready to pack again.

Late afternoon and I switched gears to Grandma duty
picking up Grandhunk #3 from his OLU weight training.
Next was feeding the handsome hunk, & off to get his meal. 
WonderWoman & Superman were in Encino watching 
Grandhunk #2 & the OLU varsity BB team play in CIF finals. 
Grandhunks #1 was at OLU varsity VB practice & 
then off to church leadership group. 
So, Grandma TLC then fed the 3 grandogs at 5 PM

and felt a part of this busy family. 
Good to feel useful.

A smile for Wednesday ...
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