Monday, February 22, 2016

Day 1306: If you'd been there, this is some of what you would have seen ...

"Angus Barn", collage, photo & digital

As mentioned here, here and here ...
Sunday was the 45th Annual 
International Goodwill Karate Championships, 
held at ...

6 AM, photo my Michael Keating

Our first year in this new larger venue ...

 requiring a lot of planning & organization.

Our charting heroes, 
the tournament cannot work without their magic!

Demura Sensei's taiko drum group has a practice warm up.

A judges meeting before the start of competition.

Over 70 judges from all over the world ...

Panamá, Honduras, México, France, England, 
Germany, Japan, Chile & from all over the US 

volunteer their time to officiate the tournament,
all working to further and benefit Karate-Do.

Competition in six official size rings.

2016 Nisei Week Queen and Princesses were on hand ...

to award medals on the Olympic style podium.

I arrived at 8 AM and presented my budo passport ...

for another stamp, another year.

Finished at 6 PM, leaving the exposition center venue (top)
and walking toward the parking lot & rising moon (bottom).
A great day of friendship, tradition, learning and fun.

Thank you Demura Sensei.

A smile for Monday ...

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