Friday, February 19, 2016

Day 1303: A terrific Thursday!

"barnfield", collage, photos & digital

If you follow this blog once in a while, you realize ...
that you never know what the deal will be that day!
That's because I don't know either!
I still try to juggle a lot of balls, 
or at least, keep them up in the air?
There's art work, other people & mine.
Lots of Karate, family, super-heroes etc.
so it boils down to whatever is happening that day.

. . .

Thursday I went to our hombu dojo in Santa Ana.

As part of the pre-tournament activities and seminars.

I joined 41 San-dan & up for advanced kata training.

Ni-dans were in the next training group.

to be followed by a Sho-dan group (not pictured, I apologize)

. . . 
And in case you've ever wondered what 
karate people do after all that hard work?
Demura Sensei invited 
all participating black belts to dinner.

We had fun.

Thank you Demura Sensei!

 A smile for Friday ...

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