Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 1298: Get ready world, Sherry's coming!

"Sherry", collage on canvas

I have this very special friend, Sherry!
We're both from Indiana.
But, she's fun, smart, kind, loyal and brave!

Last October she posted this on her Facebook page ...

WARNING!! This is a long ass FB post, but I've made a rather big decision for myself that I need to say out loud (or TYPE - in this case).

I'm packing a bag, selling my car and the rest of my belongings and hitting the road. And yes Linda, even my vacuum cleaner is being left behind. This is getting REAL!

Here's some background to all of this. In 1974 before my father left this earth, he told me to move as far away from Indiana as I could to see other parts of the world.

So in 1975 and at 21 years of age, I bought a one-way ticket on the Greyhound bus and rode as far as it would take me. I ended up here in Southern California.

I retired from working for "the man" this past February and I am now in a position to do as I wish.

So the plan is that I'll be making my way across the States (by train) the end of February to love on some special people in Denver, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago (Dianne) and then I'm headed over the seas to experience new places, meet new friends and visit with old ones Adrie and Taileah
(for the wedding!) and then it's on to Tasmania, Australia to spend time with friends and my Ruby and family there.

Ok, I've now put it all out in the universe!

P.S. Five years cancer free as of last month - another reason to celebrate life.
P.S.S. Will let you know when the sale starts for those of you that live locally!

How cool is that?
She has since sold everything and is just about ready to go ...

some of Sherry's FB posts

so Linda & Bob gave a going away party Saturday.

Linda & Bob's cottage was party central

So what do you get for the world traveler who has sold everything?

 I got her a journal, of course ...

kind of a special journal for this special lady ...

handmade in Nepal ...

with handmade papers, ready to hold ... 

memories and photos from a fabulous journey.

I can't wait for the world to meet Sherry!

They're going to love her, like we do!

Happy Valentine's Day!

A smile for Sunday ...

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