Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 1294: A little old lady story.

urban sky, photo, collage & digital

A quick story. 
One of my jobs today was to go to Costco.
It was  around 4PM & they were giving out food samples.
I noticed a little grey haired lady
driving one of Costco's motorized carts.

She was talking with the sample lady as she ate.
I got my orange juice.
I saw the same lady at the chicken strip samples.
I got my spinach and veggies.
I saw her again eating at the pizza sample cart.
I got my eggs.
She was now eating at the pot-sticker stall.
I got my cases of water .
Passed her at the cheese & cracker samples.
I bought "yakisoba" in the freezer section.
She was trying the burrito samples.
I got my protein supplement. 
Passed her again at the chocolate rocky road samples.
I got in line to check out.
You have to show your receipt to leave Costco.
The lady was ahead of me & waved to the check out man.
Nothing in her motorized basket, as she disembarked.
As I left, I watched her walk to her car.

I wondered if this is her daily routine?

A "Pacific Check" for Lynn in Colorado!
(Bonus: Catalina Island in the distance)

89 degrees, February 9,2016, Newport Beach, CA   photo of & by WonderWoman

A smile for Wednesday ...

(spring is just around the corner)

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