Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 1293: It's a Grandma bonus!

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Nobody could have ever told me how much ...
I would love being a Grandma!

Having been blessed to be there to 
welcome each Grandson into this world, 
and lucky to be a part of their lives, I use any chance 
to see them now as teenage Grandhunks!

So, Saturday ...

at Mater Dei High School Meruelo Athletic Center

I got to see Grandhunk #2 play ...

photo by P. Takk

on Orange Lutheran High's varsity basketball team.

photo by P. Takk

What a treat!

photo by P. Takk

And not just Jake, but the whole great team.

photo by P. Takk

 I thank you for allowing me a bit of Grandma time.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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