Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 1289: I call it a junk mail rescue?

No Down Payment, collages, digitally layered

Lots of junk mail on it's way to the landfill, right?
I rescued an Ashley furniture flyer yesterday, 
or at least parts of it.

step 1

to make a junk mail postcard.
I often use junk mail, but solely junk mail?

step 2 & 3

Something about this is therapeutic to me ...
not that I need therapy or anything!

step 4

Can you find step 4, it kinda subtle.

step 5

Almost done, but that line bothered me.

step 6

Done and one less flyer for the landfill.

. . . 
Are you ready for the weekend?
Would love to hear what's going on with you?

A smile for Friday ...

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