Sunday, January 31, 2016

Day 1284: I told you I would, and I did.

D. the winner from yesterday's tally, see here if you want to comment?

Yesterday's tally had D first, PL a close second, all had a few votes.

If you saw yesterday's blog , here,
I told you I was going to the
Orange Lutheran High School aka "OLU"
varsity basketball game Friday night. I did.

. . .

The sky on the way was gorgeous...

5:30 PM, Orange, CA

 and more of the same ...

5:40 PM, Orange, CA

once at the OLU parking lot.

5:40 PM, Orange, CA

A great way to spend a Friday night. 
OLU played cross-town rival, Servite High School.

Photo by WonderWoman

A great crowd of students, parents & supporters.
All that pep and young energy is good for the soul.

Photo by WonderWoman

Grandhunk # 2 is on the team, 
Grandhunk # 3 was in the stands with friends.

Great photo by Denise Scott. Grandhunk # 2 & 3 are in this shot, both wearing red. Easy to pick out, they're the cute ones!

Grandhunk #1 was at the Honda Center  ...

watching the Rodeo with friends.

Selfie by Superman with WonderWoman, trio WW, GH#2 & SM by friend?

Nice start to a weekend dontcha think?
Thanks for stopping by  ...
wishing you a wonderful weekend.

A smile for Sunday ...

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