Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 1281: When Demura Sensei asks, we say "hai"!

Bike, a junk mail collage postcard

I had an e-mail from Demura Sensei 
waiting for me this morning.


"Hi Jacki. 
Can you put ad for real Miyagi DVD for sale cost $20 each. 
I have at dojo. Next week. FD"


I responded:

Yes, of course Sensei, I would be happy to.  
What size poster would you like me to make?
You need it now or by Monday?

I normally go to day class Wednesday, 
but since I played "hooky" Tuesday (see here) and 
accomplished nothing on that big to-do list, 
I knew I had to work today.

. . .

But, I started thinking about Demura Sensei's movie.
If you want to see the film trailer, click here.
(I am in the role of blubbering female.)
After many premiers and film festivals, 
the movie is now finally available on DVD.
I know WonderWoman and I want one.
And so I started work on a poster for the dojo.

. . .

Gathering up my limited resources,
this is what I came up with.

Haven't heard back yet if it's okay.
Hope so, he's my only client who gives push-ups!

. . .

Just got an e-mail reply:

"Thank you. Jackie. 
I'll make poster to hung on dojo.  FD"


For FB Throwback Thursday ...

1983 Demura Sensei's Costa Mesa Dojo team to USA Nationals in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Nanette Taylor (12), Kekai Oliver (11), Debbie Lair (15), Erin Long (10), Steve Sidawi (16) 
Erick Kand (16), Kaiana Oliver (11).

A smile for Thursday ...

Jean Claude Van damme & Chuck Norris

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