Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 1276: No Diggity on a Friday night ...

"buried", a junk mail collage postcard

Today has been a "sloth day".
A couple of days a year I just veg, 
feel a little guilty about it, but I veg anyway.
Now I am listening to this, thus the title ...
and will work on stuff for Thomas LaBadia.

He was recently named art director for the 
Fort Lauderdale based agency, Electrum Branding.
Thomas is a great artist devoted to art and artists,
 and is surely the kindest, most generous soul on the planet.
Want to see a great 1-1/2 minute commercial? here. Cool?

step 1 (address blurred for privacy)

step 2 (address blurred for privacy)

step 3  (address blurred for privacy)

We are both in the Muse Studio, which Thomas created.
We are currently participating in a mail art exchange,
so above is the envelope, the back is not finished.
The envelope will contain goodies, papers,
ephemera, stamps etc. and a postcard ...

step 1 & 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

 I am not sure if it is done, but it's 12:29 AM
and I usually post at 12:03 AM everyday,
so I will stop and post this for now.

Thanks for stopping by ...
wishing you a wonderful weekend!

A smile for Saturday ...

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