Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 1273: I wasn't there but ...

Vogue, all paper collage

If you follow this silly little blog, you'll know
sometimes I gladly serve Grandma TLC duty.

So while I was with Grandhunks # 1 & 3, 
and Granddogs 1 & 2 ...

WonderWoman, Superman & Grandhunk #2 were in SF,

Superman & WonderWoman in Sausalito

to watch & compete, respectively 
Orange Lutheran HS varsity BB team.

Berkeley to be exact, for the famous MLK Classic,
at the huge UC Berkeley Haas Pavilion.

how OLU Varsity BB players wait & how their parents wait.

The final score 54 - 44 De La Salle, but ...

a great four day trip. 
They are all home safe and so am I.
Life is good.

A smile for Wednesday ...

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