Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 1272: Grandma TLC-TMI views?

"handmade", junk mail collage, photo & digital

Still on Grandma TLC duty ...

with Grandhunks 1& 3 and Grandogs 1&2.
It's a change of pace in all the right ways.
I don't try to plan, but just stay flexible. 
So necessary to work within their often changing schedule.

SM & WW in  Sausalito

So while Superman & WonderWoman are away ...
I decided to share a few of my views today.

Today GH 1& 2 & I went to Mongolian Barbecue for lunch. 

After adjusting the mirrors, and the driver seat back two feet,
 6'4-1/2" Jordan drove my car. 
His Great Grandpa Glenn would be proud 
of him keeping his "eyes on the road". 
Nice to have a handsome chauffeur.

Zack loves his new para-cord cuff made by Denise!

And, a Grandma view of Granddog 1 & 2.
I obviously don't normally take selfies, but  ...

do you see a family resemblance?
Thanks again for stopping by for a visit!

A smile for Tuesday ...

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