Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 1259: How to spend a rainy day in SoCal ...

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We so need this rain.
(I love rainy days.)
But, SoCal doesn't know what to do in the rain.
I am offering one solution of how to spend a rainy day.
Alarm rings at 4:30 AM.
Shower, dress, leave at 5:30AM.
Pick up Carole at 6 AM.
Meet Daughter #2, Cheryl, at WW's house at 6:30AM.

Allowing for traffic and rain, the "Fantastic 4" were off for LA.
Our destination, Studio City to watch a tv show taping.
Not as simple as it sounds, as the process is structured with 
security screenings, release forms, dress codes & waiting.


 To be in line by 9AM, taping is at 11 AM.

The Talk is taped live, and lasted one fast-paced hour.

Today's main guest was Pauley Perrette from the tv show, NCIS.

Because of the rain, we were bused to and from parking.

Sometimes the show, the Talk, features a product, 
today they sent us home with a SENTE cosmetic gift bag.

More rain on the way home, and home safe by 3 PM.
WonderWoman was our excellent driver,
Cheryl our terrific co-pilot,
Carole and I enjoyed the ride.
Another "Fantastic 4" outing!
Stay tuned, we plan for more to come.

A smile for Wednesday ....

(Pacific check for Lynn in Colorado)

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