Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 1253: Where'd they go?

earthquake 4.4, collage,acrylic & digital

Since posting from Grandma duty these six days ...

you might be wondering, where did they go?
Superman, WonderWoman & Grandhunk #2 ...

took off last Sunday for Mesa, AZ and ...
the huge varsity high school basketball tournament.
Grandhunks 1 & 3 and Granddogs 1, 2 & 3 ....
stayed home with me.


GG#2, 16 year old junior is a member of
Orange Lutheran High School varsity basketball team.


They traveled in a lux bus, support staff in the smaller OLU bus, 


the boys and girls team drove to AZ.

The Texas team bus?

parent pep squad

A multiple day event included the team 
attending a U of A basketball game.

Plus, playing multiple games each day.

They'll be home in 2016!

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

the young WonderWoman & Ossa, 1985

A smile for Thursday ...

Happy New Years Eve!

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