Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Day 1244: Once in a while I get lucky.

gold 3, 4, acrylic & junk mail collage Christmas card

Welcome to this random daily blog.
You never know what you will get, right? 
When I first started this blog 1244 days ago today, 
I was told to describe what my blog would be about,
so people would know what to expect.
Like my life, I couldn't pick just one area, 
so I said it would be random ... art, family, karate etc. 
I never know what will turn up. 
And, as I have said, they definitely aren't all gems, 
but once in a while, I think I get lucky. 
So I thank you again for visiting, 
I really appreciate you!

I had a little "hot date" interactive challenge
that a few of you took part in, here.

Several guessed that it would involve 
a Grandhunk, and it did.
But, the winner, with the most creative  ...
was Melissa (aka "Mo") who said ... 

Melissa:  I think you had a hot date with a long lost flame...
a very handsome and dapper gentleman. 
He picked you up in a limousine and brought you a dozen white roses. 
He took you to dinner at a lovely restaurant &  
the two of you reminisced over old times and happy memories. 
I haven't quite decided if you two went to see Cirque du Soleil "Kurios" or ...
if you went to the Pantages Theater to see "If Then" starring Idina Menzel. 
Then you stopped at the Donut Man afterwards for a late night 
Tigertail or M&M Donuts for some hot and fresh blueberry donuts.

That's what my imagination tells me anyway. Do tell!! PS...I loved this blog post!

Pretty cool. right?
I now have Melissa's address & 
she will receive "something", pretty soon. 
fyi: the actual "hot date" is mentioned here.

56 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Tuesday ...

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