Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day 1241: I was minding my own business ...

7, Christmas card for a friend, junk mail collage

I was minding my own business, 
trying to get organized, wrapping presents,
wondering what today's blog might be?
You know, Friday night catch up stuff.
Sometimes I listen to music.
 But tonight, after Jeopardy (my addiction)
I put on PBS to listen to while I worked, 
and learned about ... guerrilla gardeners!

Have you heard of them?
Well I hadn't. New to me and I was so impressed.
I googled and found a TED talk here,
and the Wikipedia definition here.

Apparently originally an Australian TV show, 
our local PBS station featured some local LA crusaders 
who find untended areas of urban blight,
meet there late at night, since it is illegal, clean up
 and improve the area with plantings, anonymously.
With all the horrors in the news, 
I found it inspiring that people give of themselves
to improve an area for the benefit of all.
Thanks for visiting, wishing you a lovely weekend.


A smile for Saturday ...

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