Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 1229: A sticky situation, or, how-to ...

Non-traditional Poinsettia, collage, photo & digital

Survived the sales, which as anyone will tell you 
is not really hard work, mostly fun actually.
Except maybe the lugging to and from?
Meeting or re-connecting with people who 
seem to like your work, what's not to like, right?

Denise, a talented artist in our Mission Viejo class
visited the sale, and bought a "Collage-to go " kit.

Denise sent me this sweet e-mail today ...

Hi Jacki, Thanks for inviting me to the art sale over the weekend. I hope you sold a lot. I am enjoying my collage to go kit. So far I just like opening it up and looking at the papers. I think it's funny I didn't know or see the words on the charms but picked "destiny". So cool.

Here's my question: how do you collage magazine paper to a stretched canvas and get the paper smooth? I was using some old modge podge put some on the canvas and some on top of the magazine piece. It immediately started shriveling and wrinkling no matter how hard I scrubbed and pressed. Any tips? Do I need fresh mod podge? I tried acrylic glaze too.

I enjoy your blog daily and admire your ability to keep it although you must be exhausted today. 
Take care, Denise

As I rattled on with my answer, I thought ...
a few of you might be interested in the same info? 
If not, feel free to skip to the smile! Now!
So, always wondering where the next blog will come from, 
here is my reply ...

Thanks so much Denise! You are so kind! Thanks so much for coming to the little sale. Your guess is right, I am exhausted today and have decided I can nap or whatever, at will, all day! ;o)

I think it's perfect that you got "destiny", some just have initials. I am so glad you like it, they all
 have identical contents and were made with love ( but never again!).
My adhesive medium of choice is Traci Bautista's "Collage Pauge" gloss (but also comes in matte). 
I use it because it dries quickly which suits me when I demo and most of the time in general. It's available at Joanne's @ $10 last time I got it (I'm ready to stock in some more) so when they offer a 50% off coupon I get it then. Decoupage should work, it just irritates me that they doubled their price when they realized Liquitex etc. charged more. So I am not used to it. Golden & Liquitex have a high quality gel medium that I also use. I usually prefer gloss so I don't lose the color, but most of my friends who do really beautiful work use the matte religiously.

Paper on canvas is tough because the texture of the canvas allows air pockets underneath. Now the tricks that usually work to reduce the dreaded buckling is to use smaller pieces, the larger the paper piece, the more likely it is to buckle or raise, in my experience. Then, use lots of medium, then smooth it out, I usually use a foam brush, plus I look for the start of bubbles, and smooth them out with pressure from a gloved finger! Then while moving on, go revisit earlier parts and again smooth with brush or finger. Some papers are really sneaky and think you're not looking and they start to puff up. Like anything, it's a learning and tactile experience. Some people enjoy a more 3-D effect, but I tend to be more graphic and like the smooth finish.
Hope this wasn't TMI? Thanks again Denise!

TMI = too much information, or ...
MTINTK = more than I needed to know!

A smile for Monday ...

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