Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 1228: Way to go Mitzi!

Joanne, photo, collage & digital

Just home from the 2 day sale and so very tired.
I made myself & my significant other, my faithful MacPro ... 
work on the this blog before I took a big time nap.
No ideas in mind, hoping for divine intervention when ...
I opened my mail and ... VOILA, today's blog!

(some parts covered for privacy)

Mitzi had e-mailed me recently for my address.

Hi, Jacki -
I'm ready to start mailing my Christmas cards. 
I have kept your postcard to me as a talisman to be more creative 
and made all recycled cards this year following your inspiration.
Thank you and enjoy your holidays!
As ever - the mitz

Besides being cool, Mitzi has redesigned, recycled the front

and re-labeled the back of a previously used greeting card.

And, there was a clever holiday letter tucked inside ...

(some parts covered for privacy)

I just love this.
Mitzi is obviously a talented artist and has been in 
some of our classes at Art Supply Warehouse/Catalyst.

collage by Mitzi, 6 x 20"

In the collage class she did this one of me, and gave it to me.
I was so flattered, since on my very best day ...
I have never looked this good.

A smile for Sunday ...

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