Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Day 1223: 26 but never again!

Solar, collage, acrylic & digital

I have mentioned that I seem to have "hair-brained" ideas!
Two years ago I made a tiny collage kit for artist/friend Irene.
I loved assembling special collage papers for her, 
and even more important ... she really liked it.
So, a year ago I bought 26 of these tiny boxes with drawers.
I thought I would get them done for last years sale.
That didn't happen, but this year I was determined.
What was I thinking?
Watching me systematically fill the 26 containers,
even the Grandhunks rolled their eyes!

While working I came up with the label ...

They turned out as I had envisioned.

Wrapped, labelled and tied with a charm, they are done.


And so am I. Never again!
This Friday & Saturday I will have 26 kits for sale.

I will also be bringing collages, paintings, cards and more.
So along with 12 really outstanding artists, we will have
original handmade art for you consideration.
No lines, pushy crowds ... instead refreshments & easy parking.
I am hoping if you are near you'll come visit?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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