Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 1222: Ever dodge a to-do list??

"touch", collage, photos & digital

Home from Grandma TLC duty and ...
I just made the art above when I should be working.
Do you ever do that? 

A big list of "to do's" and ...
you do something not even on the list?
I've decided to maybe go to bed early ...
and wake up ready to hit the "to do's" tomorrow?
Or at least that's the plan.


We have a 2 day sale coming up.
If you happen to be nearby, please stop by ...
all handmade original art.

Refreshments, no lines or pushy crowds, easy parking.
A nice way to shop.

Today is my Mother's birthday ...
she was the youngest of ten. 5 brothers & 5 sisters.
by Brian Andreas

She died so young, but I see her warmth, intelligence
 & personality in her only Granddaughter, WonderWoman.
They would have enjoyed each other.
Happy Birthday Mom.

A smile for Monday ...

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