Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Day 1216: In a different comfort zone.

Dorothy, collage, photo & digital

I'm kinda spoiled?
I normally go, eat & sleep when I want.
But when on Grandma TLC duty,
entrusted with WonderWoman & Superman's
3 teenage hunks, aka my Grandhunks and ...
the 3 Granddogs ... I shift gears.
I bring my iPad, newspaper, book & journal
to fill in their in-between time.

obviously thrilled with Grandma's company ...

On this recent lazy Sunday afternoon,
the 3  Granddogs were enjoying my company ...
the hunks were all busy.
The only noise was a faint whir of cars 
on the 91 freeway in the far distance.
Quiet. A rarity it seems.
No deadlines, free time, in fact ... nap time!

I took this photo so you could see the view
from my nap location in the courtyard,
on this lazy Sunday afternoon.

Bella, Granddog #2, reading mate.

The family has (to me) a complicated TV set up  ...
a big screen, Netflix, movie channels etc
which require 3 remotes to navigate, and
I find myself "remote challenged"!
Grandhunks bail me out.

Tune in tomorrow for artwork from last Saturday's class.
Home now to get that organized for your viewing pleasure.
I think it might be worth your trip.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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