Sunday, November 15, 2015

Day 1207: A four hour commitment ...

sad, graphite on journal page

A Sunday commitment.

A four hour workout?
Already weary from the senseless tragedy in the news ...
but maybe all the more reason to go?

hosted by Demura Sensei

Traditional Karate Masters, Fumio Demura, Hayawo Kiyama,
Takafumi Hamabata, Tomohiro Arashire & Akio Minakami ...

all together and dedicated to ...
preserving the Art of Traditional Japanese Karate-do.

An intensive seminar for serious black belt students and instructors.

Takafumi Hamabata Sensei, Goju Ryu

Learning and being inspired by years of experience & knowledge.

Hayawo Kiyama Sense, Aiki Jujitsu

Kiyama Sensei, at age 79, amazed everyone 
with his humor and effortless Aiki Jujitsu skills.

Hayawo Kiyama Sense, Aiki Jujitsu

Conditioning, balance, kata, self-defense and more.

Tomohiro Arashiro, Ryuei-Ryu & Akio Minakami, Shio-Ryu

A fun day.

1 dozen participants

A very good group.

A thought for Sunday ...

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