Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 1205: Ruby and a Pacific Check!

pier, photo & digital collage

I have a blog bucket list, I really do.
Blogging everyday for 1205 days in a row ...
it has to be on my mind. Has to be.
One was to walk out Huntington Beach Pier ...
and have lunch at Ruby's.

Good friend Marilyn joined me today ...

 we parked and started the long trek to Ruby's.

We stopped along the way to meet the locals.

It's a long walk and a popular venue.


This was new to me ...  a disposal for fishing line.


We put our name in and took pictures 
from the end of the pier while we waited.
Time for a Pacific Check for Lynn in Colorado.

I always order the same thing, Marilyn did a healthier version.

We talked a lot. Long after the food had disappeared.
Luckily Jennifer, our waitress, didn't mind.

 Walking back on the pier, we saw surfers enjoying the waves,
sunbathers taking advantage of the 75' weather ...

and us on this beautiful November day.

Thank you for joining us.

A smile for Friday ...

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