Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 1202: Moving like a rusty dinosaur.

support, graphite on 16 x 20" canvas

Just finished a magical weekend.

hour 16, photo by Lisa Heaney
If you are curious, see here, especially here & here for proof!
 I might have used my entire energy allotment, because ...

I am moving & feeling like a rusty dinosaur today! 
Maybe it was sitting on the floor above, 
but, I will go train.

72 degrees, Santa Ana, CA

Irrelevant details department:
 I had a "code", mainly in my nose. 
I woke up with it Friday and actually sneezed 58 times!

By my calculations, I might have lost weight!
Hoping you are healthy and happy ...
in your "neck of the woods."

A smile for Tuesday ...

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