Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 1198: Every appendage was crossed and hopeful ...

Haley, photo & collage digitized

Every appendage was crossed and hopeful ...
for a swift and prompt techie miracle! Soon.

My significant other, my Mac Pro, was still working fine.
He is a bit outdated and overloaded, like me, but he works.
I have long-ago turned off the time machine to save him.
My i-photo was another thing all together.
As mentioned here, late Monday night ...
I zigged when I should have zagged.
In the process, losing 29, 545 + photos.
I can hear you Mac people saying, go to the "genius" bar!
I hear you and I was willing, but ... I have the old Mac Pro!

It has a tower that weighs as much as my car!
Kind Brandon* offered, after a hard days work, to come by
 unhook everything and load it into my car for me.
(*and, yes he is that kind)
But, Apple has this wonderful support system ... 
and I was able to arrange for telephone support, 
actually scheduled it for 10AM, and they called me!

My Apple hero was Tony, who ...
in 20 minutes guided me to restore my files.
Don't you just love happy endings? 

So, a special thank you to you too for your kind support,
visiting and hearing my problems.
Wishing you a hassle-free day where you are.

A smile for Friday ...

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