Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 1190: I like big dogs and I cannot lie!

Celia, acrylic & ink postcard


Celia, acrylic & ink postcard ready for address & stamp

and, 57 postcards were mailed today,

addressed, stacked, stamped & ready to mail

almost caught up!

I like big dogs and I cannot lie! 
I do. I love them.
And here is a big dog!

I looked up a little on this breed, Tibetan Mastiffhere.

And, WonderWoman sent this to me this morning,
knowing my special of love of Great Danes. Thanks WW.
Oh, and I also like Pippi Longstocking
Unrelated but true.

Just in case you wondered?

88 degrees in Santa Ana, CA

And, for FB Throwback Thursday ...

"Edward Scissorhands", Halloween 1996

A smile for Thursday ...

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