Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 1189: What is it with this time of year?

graffiti girl, collage & ink

 What is it with this time of year?
You can almost feel it?
Like somebody turned up the pace knob.
The calendar gets "fuller" and some of us feel the pressure?
I think it's about trying to fit more into less time?
Or maybe it's just me?

I took today to prepare entries for the upcoming HBAL show,
I did some but got distracted!

I have two upcoming classes called Graffiti Canvas
starting with spray paint (some over abandoned canvases).
Since I have a donated canvas, and some ailing canvases ...

I played with black spray paint.
The  canvases did not improve, and are no where near done,
but they are off to new start. To be continued, soon I hope. 

. . .
And, while set up for spraying, I took time to 
spray the finished postcards with matte varnish, 

so am one step closer to addressing & mailing promised cards. 
If I wait much longer I can have them double as Christmas cards.

Thank you for your patience. 
And as always, thanks for visiting with me today.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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