Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 1185: Taking (in) Artistic License!

Nelly, photo and digital collage

It is indeed that time of year again ...

the wonderful high end ARTISTIC LICENSE FAIR!

Parking is a bear, due to the popularity of the event. 
I parked a block away and walked by beautiful Balearic Park,
up to the historic Diego Sepulveda Adobe hilltop ...

The restored Diego Sepulveda Adobe

the setting for this prestigious two day event. 

A juried assembly of 50 of the very best local artisans. 

Three of our Eastside artists are vendors ...

Norma Prickett of Stillwater Designs, with her award winning gourd vessels & stunning dolls & jewelry.

Diane Calderwood of Mountain Wind Expressions,
with wonderful gourd art, thunder drums & rope art.

Bob Bucci

Linda Bucci, metalsmith, artist & jewelry teacher
 also had a wonderful display.

Tim Lemen and his daughter are new artists to this event ...
wiring antique tools, cameras and more with Edison lightbulbs.

It's a highly anticipated tradition and I told myself on the way 
"you don't need anything, just look and be inspired."

me, looking better than usual ...

Yes, that is a shopping bag since I found something special.

I think you might have too.

Back down the hill, on a beautiful day and a great event.
If you're reading this in SoCal, 
Artistic License Fair is open today, Saturday 10 - 4PM.
Worth a trip.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.

A smile for Saturday ...

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