Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 1176: What a mess! A creative mess?

Scanning, a collage postcard

Over the past 1176 consecutive days of this silly blog
it seems that people like seeing the mess involved.
More than the finished project, they like the mess?
Okay, I can do that.

mess 1

So if that's true, here you go ...

mess 2

here are the messes around the step by step as it progresses ...
 a new 4.5" x 6" postcard.

step 1&2

step 3

mess 3

step 4

step 5

step 6, almost done?

mess 4

step 7, final

mess 5

I'm betting that you can tell, I don't plan ahead.
I just play and see what happens.
This one took about 13 scraps of paper.

The backside: ready to address , stamp & mail.

What's messy at your place?
Or are you a neat freak?
Hope to hear from you and thanks so much for visiting.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Hombu Dojo, Santa Ana, CA 1983 Sato Sensei, Mr. Ivan, Demura Sensei and more.

A smile for Thursday ...

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