Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 1171: Look what Frances did!

view from my studio, waterlogue

I received an e-mail from Frances Shelby!
Frances, an artist, was in our recent classes at ASW/Catalyst.
She was kind enough to document her class project.
(I have a little "Mom & no Pop" advertising agency ...
I sometimes have overages that I bring to use in my classes.)
Frances envisioned a special use for ...
the pre-cut 4.5" x 6" paper pre-drilled with two holes.
She selected 40 matching pages and started to create.

Frances said, "I wanted to use some simplified accessible 
aspects of the class techniques to create a memory 
book/card to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary in a way 
that would appeal to the taste of the recipients"

Frances "chose a few words to describe the 40 memories.  
I printed the memories using the computer with a table format 
and a typewriter-like font in lower case. 
I used torn edges for most of the project."

Please note I am not taking any credit for 
this amazing series by Frances ...
rather, just thrilled to share and enjoy her creativity!

She "assembled the book with ribbon, leaving enough to 
turn pages easily. It was an enjoyable exercise, 
and I felt it was a good recognition of some 
of the more significant events of their marriage."

What a wonderful, thoughtful original gift!
Kudos Frances!

It's October 9th people, c'mon! ;op

A smile for Saturday ...

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