Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 1168: Another hair-brained idea!

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Twas the night before Grandhunk #3's birthday and ...
I knew I wanted to make him a card.
Then I thought ... how about a cut-out card?
Bedtime so I scribbled this quick sketch and slept on the idea.

I've seen commercial cut-out cards but have never made one.
You may have noticed I am not an exact person ...
more like the "near-enough" type.
So this was not a "slam-dunk" project in any way,
more of a "wish & a prayer" project,  but I started.
I used a single 6 x 16" sheet of white heavy mixed media paper.

I folded in half and half again.

Using a ruler, sketching 1 letter on each of the 4 sections.

Being a better "tear-er" than cutter, I took my time cutting.

I was glad for only four letters!

The "C" looked funny square, so 
I used a washi tape roll to round the corners.

Three folds and it's ready for an envelope.

It could be painted, collaged or whatever, but ...
I think I will leave it white, or ...
maybe make it black, Zack's favorite color.


I wrote on the back side.
So, mission accomplished.
And another step by step?

Happy Birthday to Irene Rafael and YoYo Ma!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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