Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 1166: All on a Sunday ...

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A lot on the calendar today, but have already missed one.

I got up & dressed to go to Sunday morning kata class.
But, somewhere in between then and backing my car out,
I had lost about fifteen minutes?
Checking both watch and clock in disbelief, 
I actually said out-loud, "no way". 
I had four minutes to be at class, and I was fifteen minutes away.
I won't repeat my words as I pulled the car back into the garage.

Change of plans, it's often essential to be flexible.
I changed into grungy clothes and prepared to work for awhile.
I am in collage postcard mode, behind in my mailing.
I am on this kick of using the crumbly old craft paper photos 
from that recent Fullerton library sale haul
And, it's a good thing that I like the torn (or crumbled) edge ...
 as they fall apart as I try to tear. 
But, I do love the interaction of the aged black and white 
images with the colorful junk mail background. 
Makes me smile. See here

. . . 

 At 1 PM I was at WonderWoman's to ride to OLU  ...

(my Grandson is the cute one ...)

for the 2 PM Patriotic Choral & Strings Concert ...


Grandhunk #3 is in the men's choir and ...

had a quartet solo.
Two years ago, I was watching Grandhunk # 2 sing ... here.

2013 performance

Always a wonderful, moving event at a spectacular venue.

. . .

At 5:30 I showed up with 14 others for family night.
Tonight we are met at ...

to celebrate Grandhunk #3's upcoming 15th birthday.
A very nice day, all in all.
Hoping your weekend was wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by.

A smile for Monday ...

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