Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 1160: With little rhyme or reason ...

Gilda+, digital collage

Do you know Thomas?  Thomas LaBadia?

Surely one of the art world's most generous beings.
He finds wonderful artists and showcases them here,
for us to enjoy and draw inspiration.
And, he shares marvelous resource materials
that we can play with, guilt free.
An artist and a busy art director!
He assures me that he sleeps, 
but I think he must have extra hours in his day?


So today, when I was set up for other work, 
I started playing digitally with 5 images.
4 from Thomas and 1 from me, can you tell which?

With little rhyme or reason, I started layering,
erasing, blending and just playing.

Gilda, digital collage

Gilda & I thank you for stopping by. 

85 degrees in Santa Ana, CA 


A smile for Tuesday ...


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