Sunday, September 27, 2015

Day 1158: TMI Headquarters

rina-anime, paper &  digital collage

Posting every day,  slow news days are inevitable.
But I fearlessly, maybe foolishly, show up anyway.

looking up

Today bombarding you with the useless, trivial and mundane.

looking down

Feel free to skip to the smile, if that is your persuasion.
For you hardy ones ...
I headed out on errands and saw this ...

Not only the 66666, but 85 degrees!
Seeming so comfortable after our many triple digit days.
I am on my way to take donations to the thrift store,
mail a few postcards at the local post office and ...
believe it or not, get groceries.

Our local Ralph's grocery store has reopened as a  ...

which combines groceries and bulk needs.
I liked it and was hungry, so my refrigerator  ...
no longer looks like a bachelor's. TMI?


What is filling your weekend? I'd love to hear.
Thanks for stopping by.

A smile for Sunday ...

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